Authoring our digital industrial future

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At GhostHack you will experience what it means to be a digital industrial. Our problem areas can only be solved with the help of your imaginative, and passionate approach to the worlds biggest challenges. Join us to explore a new frontier, build meaningful relatioships, and author our digital industrial future.

Hack categories

GhostHack - Best all around

You are the best of the best!

The Art of Data - Data analysis and visualization

Unlock the value of a large data set that aligns to our digital industrial future. At least 1 of the following must be possible on a large data set

  1. Visualization that confirms or denies your hypothesis
  2. Statistical analytics on your data set
  3. Predictive model to forecast out trends in your data set
  4. Judging bonus will be awarded for those who choose to use our data set
AR You Ready? - Best digital industrial application of AR or VR

Deliver an augmented or virtual reality product that aligns to our digital industrial future.

  1. Build immersive model aligned to a GE use case/persona (to be provided)
  2. Integrate an outside data source
  3. Include animation, or bring your model to life with business context
OSINTICS for 500 - Best digital industrial OSINT hack

Use openly available data from Shodan/Cysense as a start for building software that meets the following criteria:

  • Tier 1 - finding correct # GE devices (Fingerprint provided)
  • Tier 2 - plot geo location
  • Tier 3 - customer identification
  • Tier 4 - fully automated process

Auto disqualification: Hacking or DoS'ing -- these are live devices. The device itself does not have any valuable information

Show.Me - Best recruiting hack

Deliver a product designed to connect recruiters with ambitious engineers, and engineers with challenging problems.
Success criteria:

  1. Integrate at least one performance data source (Github,Devpost,Coding site)
  2. Integrate at least one source of career opportunities (Linkedin, Dice, Crunchboard)
  3. Integrates engineer background/profile data (resume, linkedin, etc)


Activity Date Start End Notes
Registration + sign-in 11-Feb 11:00PM 12:00PM All those that have registered, sign-in, get a tee shirt and additional swag
Lunch 11-Feb 11:30PM 01:00PM Catered lunch
Leader welcome 11-Feb 12:00PM 01:00PM GE leadership gives competition context, introduces theme, and event guidelines as you grab lunch
Lightning talks 11-Feb 01:00PM 02:00PM Everyone settled for each problem sponsor to provide a quick overview of their problem area and team
Team forming 11-Feb 02:00PM 03:00PM Meet with the problem sponsors, find additional team members, get settled for hacking
Hacking starts 2/11 to 2/12 03:00PM 12:00PM Mentors at the ready
Limited hardware available
Catered snack 11-Feb 03:00PM 04:00PM
Interview slots 11-Feb 06:00PM 12:00AM Panel interviews
Tech Talk - Cloud 11-Feb 06:00PM 06:20PM John Wright
Dinner 11-Feb 07:00PM 08:00PM Catered dinner
Tech Talk - Software 11-Feb 08:00PM 08:20PM TBD
Tech Talk - Power 11-Feb 08:00PM 08:20PM Shelly Gill
Midnight snack 11-Feb 12:00AM 02:00AM GE provided snacks
Breakfast 12-Feb 07:00AM 08:00AM Catered breakfast
Tech Talk - Forensics 12-Feb 08:00AM 08:20AM Nelson and Anthe
Lunch 12-Feb 11:00AM 12:00PM Catered Lunch
Judging 12-Feb 12:00PM 01:00PM See judging process below
Winner pitches + and prizes 12-Feb 01:00PM 02:00PM Award winners of each category. Congratulate those who received job offers.


  • 20% Solution implementation design
  • 20% Entire problem statement addressed
  • 20% Algorithm that Maximizes Solution Efficiency
  • 20% Does it Work / Is it Bug Free
  • 20% User Experience
  • Best overall - 1 judge from each problem area and then +1 to make odd number (if necessary)
    • Judges are GE employees that have volunteered and will be present at the event
    • Judges will not have to see every product; we will split the work requiring 2 judges to review each team's submission
  • Categories - 3 or 5 judges (must be odd) per each for GE sponsored problem area
    • Judges provided by GE-Team that provided problem statement
    • General volunteers placed if limited judges available
  • Administrator: assigns judges and tallies scores turned in by judges
  1. Judges have ~45 minutes to fill out 1 sheet per product team to which they are assigned
    1. E if one judge has 5 teams in their category, they must fill out 5 sheets and return them to the admin"
  2. Judges return their sheets to the admin after the 45-minute period
  3. The admin will then input the judge scores into the tally sheet
  4. The admin will then identify the top team by category
    1. Ties: In the event of a tie, the judging group will be consulted to break the tie
  5. Best overall: The highest scoring team across the board will win best overall
    1. Tie: In the event that teams across categories are tied for best overall; the best overall judges deliberate to break the tie
  6. The winners of all categories will perform a demo to the audience
  7. The winning teams will be awarded their point vouchers to spend at the point board - off stage

Helpful resources

General APIs - GE's IoT platform

Programmable web—API’s for dayys

AlchemyLanguage—process language, naturally

MonkeyLearn—an alternative natural language processor

ParseHub—scrape all the webs

Eventbrite—create, manage, and research tech events

The Art of Data

Public data sets—all the data you will ever need


Github api—user data, project data, a great source of portfolio info!

StackOverflow—is a candidate giving back to the developer community?

Career Builder—what jobs might be good for them?

Meet-up—are they active in their local community?

Note: do not use the linkedin API

OSINT for 500

Shodan—search the industrial internet

CySense—IP contextual info

  • ZoomEye
  • PunkSpider
  • IVRE
  • Google
  • Google Maps

AR You Ready?

Unity VR—virtualize all the reality

Oculus mobile—get started with an SDK

AR toolkit—jumpstart your AR development



Create an account in GE's talent acquisition system by:

What to expect:

  • Sign-up for interview slots during the event
  • A 15 minute quick screen to confirm base qualifications
  • 30 minute panel interview to determine the best next steps


Build your team

  • Recruit via the discussion board on this page
  • Post on our Facebook
  • Network the day-of



We will be covering parking. Be sure to hold onto your ticket and have the tech village verify it! 


The team behind GhostHack


View full rules


The Competition is open to all individuals, able to attend in-person, over the age of 18 who are residents of the United States for the duration of the Competition (“Eligible Individuals”), teams of such individuals (“Teams”), and to all validly formed legal entities domiciled in the United States that have not declared or been declared in bankruptcy. Employees and contractors of GE and Devpost and any of their respective affiliates or subsidiaries are not eligible to enter.

Small Organizations: For the purposes of this Competition, “Small Organizations” are corporations, not-for-profit entities, limited liability companies, partnerships, and other legal entity types all of which employ fewer than 100 people and are legally formed at the time of entry into the Competition.

Large Organizations:  For the purposes of this Competition, “Large Organizations” are corporations, not-for-profit entities, limited liability companies, partnerships, and other legal entity types, all of which employ more than 100 people and are legally formed at the time of entry into the Competition.

 The following Individuals and Entities are ineligible to enter the Competition:

  • Entities involved with the design, production, paid promotion, execution, or distribution of the Challenge, including the Sponsor and Administrator (“Promotion Entities”) employees, representatives and agents* of such organizations, all members of their immediate family or household * and any parent company, subsidiary or affiliate of such organizations;
  • Any individual involved with the design, production, promotion, execution, or distribution of the Challenge, and each member of their immediate family or household*;
  • Any Judge partaking in selections of this Competition’s winner(s) (defined below), or company or individual that employs a Judge;
  • Software partners and those receiving funding or assistance from GE for application development, and any other individual or entity/organization whose participation in the Challenge would create, in the sole discretion of the Sponsors, a real or apparent conflict of interest).

*The members of an individual’s immediate family include the individual’s spouse, children and stepchildren, parents and stepparents, and siblings and stepsiblings. The members of an individual’s household include any other person that shares the same residence as the individual for at least three (3) months out of the year.

You are solely responsible for all equipment, as well as all costs incurred by you or on your behalf associated with participating in the Competition, including but not necessarily limited to, a computer and modem necessary to establish a connection to the World Wide Web; access to the World Wide Web and any related telephone, data, hosting or other service fees associated with such access.


Your Submission must include the following:

A working, software “application” aligned to one of the prize categories outlined on the Challenge Website:

  • Recruitment: This type of “application” is directed to solutions that will empower recruiters and hiring managers to connect with engineers, or to connect engineers with GE careers. 
  • Art of Data: This type of “application” is directed to solutions that help data owners identify actionable opportunity within their large data sets. This should include at least one of the following components: visualization, forecasting, predictive modeling.
  • Open Source Intelligence: This type of “application” is directed to solutions that explore the wealth of openly available data to answer a research question provided or one analogous to GE's business model.
  • Augmented / Virtual Reality: This type of Application is directed to solutions that immerse the end user in an environment designed to teach, empower, or delight in alignment with GE's digital industrial world.

EACH APPLICATION MUST ALSO MEET THE “ADDITIONAL APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS” SET FORTH BELOW. Submissions in each Category are eligible for different prizes as further described herein.

  • A text description that explains the features and functionality of your Application;
  • One or more optional images which should be photographs or screenshots of your working Application; 
  • A demo to be delivered during the "Judging" portion of the "Challenge". This demo should clearly explain your Application’s features and functionality. The demo should be less than 5 minutes and should not include third party trademarks, copyrighted music or other material unless you have permission to use such material. (You must upload the Video to YouTube or Vimeo and provide a link to the video on the “Enter a Submission” form);
  • A description of your Application’s potential impact, entered on the “Enter a Submission” form
  • Github url (if applicable)

How to enter

  • Cost: free
  • Hacker tickets: 110
  • Registration deadline: 01/27/17

Ready to go? Grab your ticket at eventbrite and register through this devpost event. 


Jesse Clark

Jesse Clark
GE Digital

Judging Criteria

  • Rubric
    20% Solution implementation design 20% Entire problem statement addressed 20% Algorithm that Maximizes Solution Efficiency 20% Does it Work / Is it Bug Free 20% User Experience